The following training and services are available:-

FAA Initial Flight & Ground Training

FAA training including all Ground & Flight subjects for Private Pilots Licence PPL (Airplane & Helicopter) and Commercial Pilots Licence CPL (Single Engine Airplane & Helicopter)

FAA Ratings, Endorsements & Recurrent Training

FAA Instrument Rating, Complex Endorsement, High Altitude Endorsement, BFR & IPC


Please note that candidates for the ATP must complete an approved course in the USA. We are not able to offer this service

Pilatus PC 12 Training

Conversion training for your N registered Pilatus PC12

Aircraft Collection & Delivery

Collection and Delivery of N-registered aircraft throughout the United Kingdom and Europe

Safety Pilot Services

Safety Pilot Services in your N-registered aircraft as you build experience on type

JAA (EASA) to FAA Conversions

Convert your JAA (EASA) Licences and Ratings to their FAA equivalent

JAA (EASA) PPL to FAA PPL – Airplane & Helicopter (Single Engine Only)

JAA (EASA) CPL to FAA CPL – Airplane & Helicopter (Single Engine Only)

JAA (EASA) IR to FAA IR – Airplane & Helicopter (Single Engine Only)

FAA to JAA (EASA) Conversions

Convert your FAA PPL to JAA (EASA) PPL – Available for Airplane and Helicopter