Transport & Security Administration Alien Flight Student Program

It is a legal requirement that all non US citizens who wish to undertake training for many of the available FAA Licences and Ratings must first apply for and be issued with approval by the TSA. This approval process involves security checks and the taking of fingerprints. This information will then be held by the TSA.  I am fully approved by the TSA under the AFSP and the entire process can be completed in the UK. This approval is NOT required for all FAA training, so please contact me for a more detailed explanation.

Student Pilot Certificates

Following a rule change on 1st April 2016, Student Pilot Certificates are no longer issued by AME’s. This rule change will only affect ab-initio candidates, so is not relevant to anyone that currently holds a flying license. Please contact me for more info, alternatively more info can be found here – FAA SPC